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Becoming “Institutionalized”

From the time I was a little boy, the value and importance of education has been stressed. My father often quoted to me ”They can take everything away from you, but they cannot take your education.” My father and I … Continue reading

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My First “Great Migration” Challenge

The Stroscheins were my grandmother’s genealogy love-hate relationship; she loved my grandfather but hated the fact that she was unable to find their origins in Germany.  A few years before she passed away, Mom-mom (my paternal grandmother) confided in me … Continue reading

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From homework assignment to obsession…

My grandmother, Florence Loreen Kuhns (Mom-mom), first got me hooked on family history research, and I remember it well. I was in the fifth grade; I received an assignment of creating a family tree; I went home with my mission … Continue reading

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Framing the Research Question

Framing the Research Question… Technology is a double-edged sword. Computers and the internet have transformed genealogy dramatically. The ease of access draws massive numbers of people into the hobby and business daily. But let’s be honest, genealogy software and the … Continue reading

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Crossing the Pond

Crossing the Pond is a segment of our blog that will explore one of the more difficult questions in genealogy. Where did my ancestor live before immigration? It is a common question many of us want to answer, but it can … Continue reading

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