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Naturalization Nirvana, Nightmares, and Nuances: Colonial Complications (Part 2.0)

Colonial naturalizations can be summed up in one word, COMPLICATED. Before the formation of the United States, there were naturalization and citizenship processes in the thirteen colonies governed mainly by British law but vast portions of today’s country fell under … Continue reading

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Naturalization Nirvana, Nightmares, and Nuances (Part 1)

Genealogists tend to lump immigration and naturalization into the same category. I have seen countless numbers of classes, articles, and books that do this very thing. Sadly most only gloss over both processes never giving much detail about either. Immigration … Continue reading

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Previously we’ve learned that knowledge is a very powerful tool and key to a researcher’s endeavor to finding their family abroad. Understanding the records, language, laws, and customs of the perspective country where your ancestor came from, will allow you … Continue reading

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Census and Sensibilities for Crossing the Pond (part 1)

A proponent of thorough research, I believe that this is how we build the stories that puts flesh and bones on our ancestors. Knowing my relative’s trials and tribulations helps me make sense of my life. It allows me to … Continue reading

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