National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) Research

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is the largest archives system in the world. They house billions of permanent documents for the United State of America. NARA houses files and documents of a federal nature. Anytime we or one of our relatives interacted with the federal government a file is made. These facilities are great resources for genealogical data and navigating these records is a skill that takes many hours practice and instruction.

NARA Archives I at 700 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC in were many of the files on Revolutionary and Civil War Soldiers are kept. There are also many land records as well as Bounty Land Warrants and Applications. The research room for microfilm and the NARA library are located here.

Archive II is located at 8901 Adelphi Rd in College Park Maryland. This is the largest archives building in the world. In their collections they have US State Department Records, Cartography section, Audio Visual section, as well as the Department of Justice files, and captured German records from WWII.

At NARA we do both hourly research and records pickups. We charge the same fees for records as the National Archives but the quality of our product is far superior to that of NARA. We photograph documents with a professional camera at 15 megapixels and in color. Unlike the black and white poor quality photocopies that is the standard for NARA.

NARA Research Fees

NARA research fees are $40.00 per hour for standard research plus expenses. Expenses can include but are not limited to digital scans, digital photographs, archival access fees, photocopies, records fees, and travel expenses.

Civil War Pension Records: $75.00 for the first 100 pages and $0 .60 a page beyond the first 100.

Carded Medical Records: $50.00 per file

Regimental Medical Registers: $50.00 plus research hours.

Land Entry Files: $50.00 per file

Japanese Internment Records: $75.00 for the first 100 pages and $0 .60 a page beyond the first 100.

Department of Justice Records: $75.00 for the first 100 pages and $0 .60 a page beyond the first 100.

Compiled Military Service Records: $50 up to 50 cards $0.75 per card beyond the first 50.

Postal Service Maps: $75.00 plus high resolution scan fee.